The number of international students is increasing each year.

Greeting, assisting and guiding students are our main objectives.

For a successful integration at the university and in everyday life, a large variety of activities is suggested to students each year: soirée crêpes, cheese degustation, soirée dance, intercultural workshops, etc.

Other important events:

“Invitez le monde à votre table”

Once a year, in November, CROUS organises this event in order to facilitate the integration of international students. You can share a traditional lunch in a French home, with a French family.



“Le Monde En Famille” – Parrainage international

During the university year, we can put you in contact with a French family. You can discover new places and practice your French language with native speakers. You can also share your culture and create friendships.

For further information about our evens, you can visit the Facebook page of CROUS de Besançon. At the same time, you will see our posters and notices in every university residence.

You can also contact us directly:

By email :
By phone: 03 81 48 47 88

Address :

Bâtiment – Division de la vie étudiante

40, avenue de l’Observatoire

BP 91107

25002 – Besançon

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